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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to pay to publish with you?

No, absolutely not! We are a traditional boutique publisher. We will never charge you any fees if your manuscript is accepted. On rare occasions, for marketing purposes only, we may divide the cost of certain pricey promotions, and only with your permission. Those costs will be deducted from royalties, not paid out of pocket. The only fees we ever collect are for indie authors seeking our services outside of us being their publisher. Click here for those services.


  • Do I need an agent to submit to Rowan Prose?

No. Authors can submit directly through us. However, agented submissions are welcome.


  • What genres do you accept?

Rowan Prose accepts multiple genres. Please see our Submissions page here.


  • What if my genre isn’t listed?

On a case-by-case basis, we may accept other genres, but only if they fall under one of the main categories we publish.


  • How long before I hear back about my submission?

That depends on the amount of submissions in our slush pile, but in most cases, you can expect an answer within 3 months.


  • Do you accept every submission?

No. We are a small boutique publisher and carefully read every submission before rejecting or offering a contract.


  • Do you accept AI written manuscripts or do you use AI for your covers?

Huge NO!


  • What are your royalty arrangements?

We disperse royalties to authors (or agents on behalf of authors) on a quarterly schedule through direct deposit only. Royalties are based on sales from the previous quarter.


  • What can I expect from the editing process?

That is different for each author. Typically, you can expect first round edits (where grammar and content are waded through), second round edits (where first round edits are cleaned up), and copyedits (last round where each “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed). Some manuscripts might require more or less edit rounds. We are team Oxford Comma.


  • Can I design my own cover or hire my own designer?

No. Covers are meticulously designed by our team to give your book the best chance of success. It’s the first thing readers see, and books are judged by their covers. But (and this is a big BUT), our authors do get a large say in their cover design. Once the contract is signed, authors receive a form to fill out where they can let us know certain details or elements they’re wanting. We try in every way to oblige.


  • How long will it be before my manuscript is published?

That depends on the time of year, the editing process, how full our schedule is, and the market. On average, we aim for 2 years or less from the time the contract is signed until publication.


  • What are your company values?

We are an equal opportunity publisher. Authors are our first priority, always. We are accepting of all creeds, colors, and sexual orientations. We aim to have a business model of open communication and trust with our people.


  • Do I need to be a seasoned author to submit?

Nope! Veterans and newbies alike are welcome.


  • Can I submit to Rowan Prose if my book was previously published?

Yes, you can. We often publish second-runs. You need to have it in writing that your previous contract with your former publisher has been severed.


  • Do you help with promotion and marketing my book?

You betcha! We’re not successful if you’re not successful. The level and type of marketing depends on the genre and author. Each book will undergo its own system.


  • In what format will my book be available?

All full-length titles (55,000 + word count) will be available in eBook, paperback, and (usually) hardcover. All novellas (20,000-50,000 word count) will be available in eBook. Paperbacks and hardcovers are trades, and printed-on-demand. Your book will be available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, & GooglePlay. Often, they will be available on the Walmart, Powell's, B&N, & BAM sites, too, but not always.


  • How long are your publishing contracts?

That is on a case-by-case basis, but our average contract is for 2 years.

  • What about audiobooks or film rights?

Our authors, per contract, retain their audiobook and film/TV options. Rowan Prose holds foreign translation option rights for the length of the contract.

  • Do you pay advances?

We do not pay advances at this time.

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